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Chef Michael Hutchings
It all began at a Magic Kingdom in 1970

Chef-Owner Michael's career began when he took a job in a restaurant at Disneyland to work his way through college. An accomplished flutist, he planned a musical career. But in the kitchen of Disneyland at the fabled private Club 33, he was apprenticed to the Master Chef Rudolph Stoy and his priorities changed. Chef Michael eventually became the executive chef of Club 33 followed by stints working with notable Los Angeles chefs.

In 1978, Michael Hutchings went to London to work at Le Gavroche. The Roux brothers were so impressed with his seriousness and ability that after only a few months they promoted him to sous-chef and told him that when he was ready for a restaurant in the United States they would back him financially in a partnership.

The result was Michael's Waterside in Santa Barbara. During ten years of operation, Michael's Waterside was recognized as a leader in contemporary California-French cuisine. In the years following, chef Michael worked at a variety of restaurants, clubs and food facilities that broadened his culinary style.


Now, Chef Michael oversees a catering and pastry service business in Charleston, South Carolina. He brings many years of experience to a wide range of cuisines. The same attention to quality is given to the simplest menus like a great burger buffet to a filet mignon dinner.

In addition to the catering services, chef Michael has starred in over 150 cooking shows. Currently, The Santa Barbara Chef cooking show is airing on Amazon Television.

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