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Cocktail Reception

Hors d'Oeuvres

Menu One

Cold Selection

Smoke salmon mousse on a brioche crouton, Crostinis of tomato and basil,
Anchovies and Mediterranean toppings, Vegetable display with dip

Hot Selection

Chicken Satay with a peanut sauce, Mini tartlets filled with
caramelized red onions with honey, Sesame prawn toasts

Menu Two

Cold Selection

Scandinavian style marinated salmon on a honey mustard crouton,
Goats cheese and asparagus quiche, Mini minted melon balls threaded with cured ham

Hot Selection

Choux pastry puff with gruyere cheese, Beef brochettes with
spicy dipping sauce of ginger and soy, Miniature salmon fish cakes

Menu Three

Cold Selection

Croustade filled with avocado and crab with a ginger mayonnaise,
Slices of kiwi on a crouton with cream cheese and caviar,
Nicoise salad display tray with dip, Quesadilla display tray with Mexican dip

Hot Selection

Miniature pizzas with various toppings
Shrimps wrapped in bacon and sage with button mushrooms
Thai pork balls wrapped in angel hair pasta served with a chili dip

Menu Four

Cold Selection

Brie and gherkin wrapped in salami
Mini tartlets filled with celeriac and smoked meats
Cold shrimp display with cocktail sauce and lemon
Vegetable display tray

Hot Selection

Miniature crab cakes with tartar sauce
Chicken filets in a beer batter honey mustard dip
Oriental parcels filled with stir fried vegetables

Menu Five

Cold Selection

Chicken marinated in tomato and herbs in a pastry case
Dill and salmon tartar served on pumpernickel
Lobster tail sliced and served with asparagus points and Mary rose
A crab chessboard consisting of white and brown bread topped with crab meat

Hot Selection

Shrimps beignets with chili served with a fresh salsa
Tiny potato skins or Yorkshire puddings with blue cheese and sour cream
Warm oyster, mushroom and arugula parmesan flan
Tiny sausage plates
Welsh rarebit a cheese, beer and mustard fondue on toast

VIP Canapes

Menu Six

Cold Selection

Classic steak tartare, Chicken liver pate on a brioche crouton
with homemade pear chutney, Blue cheese and truffle served on a crouton,
Rosti potato pancake with horseradish cream
and various smoked fish, Assorted sushi bar

Hot Selection

Fresh lump crab with oriental spices rolled into tiny triangles
Angels on horseback oyster wrapped in bacon on toast
Caramelized red onion and sherry tartlets topped with fresh foie gras

Additional Hors d'oeuvre Suggestions

Section One

Vegetable spring rolls with mushrooms, peppers and bean sprouts
Slices of fresh kiwi fruit on a crouton with creme fraiche
Caramelized onion tartlets topped with goats cheese
Brie and gherkin wrapped in salami - Chicken tenders honey mustard dip
Sesame prawn toasts - Miniature pizzas various toppings
Various croquettes smoke salmon, stilton, egg and cheese, ham, spinach and ricotta

Section Two

Chicken marinated in tomato and herbs served in a pastry case
A roulade of smoke salmon and cream cheese
Goats cheese and roasted walnuts wrapped in won ton wrappers
A tiny Woodstock sandwich consisting of avocado, tomato,
tuna Southern style and Vermont cheese
Mini tartlets filled with celeriac root and smoked meats (Duck or chicken)
Minted melon balls threaded with ham - Oriental parcels filled with stir fry vegetables
Lightly marinated tuna served on a potato gaufrette crisp

Section Three

Fresh cocktail shrimp served with cocktail sauce and lemons
Chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce
Beef brochettes with ginger and soy dressing
Tiny boneless chicken kinglet marinated in a BBQ sauce
Leek and gruyere cheese quiche

Section Four

Miniature crab cakes served with tartar sauce
Lobster tail served on brioche toast with asparagus tips
Carpaccio of beef filet with parmesan flakes
Deep fried cheeses served with an orange or cranberry dip
Crumbed fish sticks shallow fried and served with tartar sauce

Section Five

A tiny tartlet of creamed leeks topped with a soft boiled quails egg perfumed with truffle
Mushroom caps filled with crab meat
Assortment of chef's Thai canapés
Lamb cutlets marinated in a Japanese style dressing
Rosti potato pancake with horse radish and assorted smoked fish
Fresh foie gras sautéed and rolled in truffle

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